New CYC Relations: Hans Skott-Myhre’s Contributions

Hans proposes new relations in child and youth care .  What are the kinds of relations that he invites us to engage in?  How do these differ from the kinds of relations that capitalism establishes?

Relational ontologies constantly meerge in Hans’ writings.  He says: “The world is not a stable predetermined set of structures.  It is instead an indeterminate composition in which no element has an a priori form…”    How are these ontologies different from the ontologies that support humanist relations?

How does Hans’ work promote new political possibilities for youth-adult collaboration?  How does his work challenge what he calls the global capitalist empire?  How might Hans’ proposal be relevant to our current times?

What new forms of community, identity, body practices, and creative expression emerge in Hans’ scholarship?  what to do with identity, with the self, with self care?

What is care at the time of the Anthropocene?  How are we establishing ‘caring relations’ under the society of control?  What might we even care about?  What kinds of ethics are necessary today?  How is caring political?