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Channel drjasonjcampbell  MICHEL FOUCAULT, EXPLAINED WITH SELFIES (AND VIDEO GAMES)   How Globalization Fuels Terrorism and Fundamentalism “The arrival of the global economy breaks down human-scale structures, destroys bonds of reciprocity and mutual dependence, and pressures the young to substitute their own … Continue reading

New Course Schedule – Weeks 8, 9, & 10

Week 8: November 16, 2015  –  Reconfiguring Child & Youth Care Discourses  — See new readings under theme

Week 9: November 23, 2015 –  Interactive Workshop: Risky/ing Sensing: Licked Sound, Hearing Cold, and Lumpy Vision.  Facilitated by Emily Coon, Nicole LandNarda Nelson.

Week 10: November 30, 2015  –  Guest: Hans Skott-Myhre  – Readings: same as Week 8.