Seminar Outline: Conceptualizations of Youth

Monday we will  begin with our poster session. Then, presenters will facilitate a brief discussion.  After the break, we will engage in a ‘close reading’ of the articles/chapters assigned for this week.  We will do this ‘close reading’ in small groups or in the large group- your choice.  Think about which 2 articles/chapters you would like to unpack.  Use your notes from this discussion to write your next blog.

Please bring an electronic or hard copy of the articles/chapters.

What is a ‘close reading’?

We will read out-loud. Pause, think about what we read.  Write questions, annotate the document.  Discuss: What is implied in this paragraph?  Think about how the author is constructing the arguments. How does this paragraph link to other articles/books/chapters I have read?  How do these ideas  support or contradict other readings we have done for this class?  What might I do with this information?   You might find these academic reading resources (scroll down to the bottom of the page) helpful – yet, remember that I’m not suggesting that these are the only ways to read…

Are there concepts in this paragraph that I need to engage with before I continue reading?  What am I curious about?  What is it that I don’t understand yet? What questions do I have?

Where is the author conceptually located?  What assumptions is the author making in this article/chapter?  What theory(ies) is(are0 used to formulate arguments? And how do I know that the author is using a specific theory or a collection of theories?  How does this paragraph (and article) connect to the seminar topic? And how does it connect to the topic of the course?

You are invited to review Reading Skills for University before tomorrow.