Your Blogs

By now you have all received my feedback on your individual blogs.  Here are some general (additional) comments for everyone to consider (in addition to the criteria for the assignment):

  • Think about your audience.  Who is your audience?  Who are you writing to?  You might want to make this clear and explicit in your About page or introductory paragraph.
  • Be creative with your blog.  You are not writing an academic paper in this assignment.  Include multimedia experimentation (incorporate images, hyperlinks, etc).
  • Adopt an experimental, creative, and improvisational edge
  • Engage deeply with the readings – may be select a concept and explore it in-depth
  • Open opportunities for further conversations (don’t just write a summary of the readings)
  • Use engaging writing
  • Write a thought-provoking post and invite readers to comment

Are you wondering what’s a good blog?  Review the links posted under Writing a Blog.

Are you wanting to read a good blog as an example?  Check out Hybrid Pedagogy.

Are you wondering if you can go back to the posts that you have written and incorporate my feedback before you submit your assignment?  Yes, please do. Feel free to change anything.