Reading for Seminar 5

The articles engage with feminist theories. There are many different feminist interpretations: Black feminism, standpoint feminism, first wave feminism, second wave feminism, third wave feminism, materialist feminism, new material feminism, science studies feminism, and so on…

The readings engage with poststructural feminism (widely defined). As you read, pay attention to:

  • The kinds of questions that scholars using poststructural feminism ask
  • How terms such as ‘performativity’, ‘agency’, ‘subjectivity’ are used. Elizabeth St Pierre wrote an overview of poststructural feminism.
  • What  poststructural feminist theories allow us to wonder/analyze in child and youth care. In other words, how are poststructural feminist concepts useful in child and youth care?
  • What kinds of childhood stories poststructural feminism allows us to tell
  • How these theories engage with social change
  • What kinds of ethics poststructural feminist theories enact.

Queer theory is also addressed in the readings.

  • What do queer theories allow us to wonder/analyze in child and youth care?
  •  How might you enact queer theory in your own practice?
  • How is heteronormativity defined in queer theory?

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