Reconfiguring Discourses of Childhood: Rough Plans

Framing childhood in the 21st century

We will discuss (in groups) three contemporary childhood discourses/practices, and connect them to concepts addressed in the readings (in blue below).

  • Children’s healthy eating
    Governing of bodies
    Childhood subjectivities
    Childhood normalizing practices
    Power & resistance

  • Nature schools/kindergarten/preschools
    Childhood innocence / purity of childhood
    Idealization of nature
    Child-nature couplings
    Colonial nature/culture binaries

  • Listening to children’s voices
    Normative constructions
    Discourses maintaining western values
    Impossibility of voice/free agency
    Emotional work outside of humanist discourses

Following (or during) group discussions, we will write a collaborative document in Google Drive, and share our notes/thoughts on these concepts. This document will then be the inspiration for writing your blog after class.

We will do a summary of the ideas that we have discussed so far, focussing on CYC’s concept of self – specifically, is there a self? Might we refer to subject formation? What is subjectivity? Where does the idea of the self come from? Please bring your own questions about CYC’s concept of self.

5 minutes to check in with each other about seminars and assignments. Anything else we need to discuss?  Please send comments.