An Ecological Perspective in Child and Youth Care

I have been thinking about the concept of ecologies for some time now. My research within the Common World Childhoods Research Collective is an attempt to pay close attention to children’s messy, often unequal, ecologies – in other words, the ways in which children’s past, present and future lives are entangled with those of other beings, non- living entities, technologies, elements, discourses, forces, landforms and so on.

What might we mean by an ecological perspective (one of the values of CYC) in CYC?  Is it just about children’s context? Is there more to an ecological perspective than considering children’s macro relations? Although I don’t claim to have a definite answer (and this is not my goal, anyways), this week’s readings (on the construction of childhood throughout history) helped me to engage with an ecological perspective in child & youth care differently.  Specifically, the readings pointed me towards embedding the social, political, cultural, enomic, demographic relations at play in the 21st century (think back to Jennifer White’s post in IJCYFS Review).

Are these some of the ecologies that we need to actively engage with?